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Your insurance certificate

The insurance certificate makes administrative dealings with the compensation offices or implementing bodies easier.

In case of a change in job, the certificate must be submitted to the new employer so that he or she can register with the relevant compensation office. However, the certificate must no longer be submitted to the office by the employer. It is sufficient to transmit the data (preferably online via our portal connect).

Where do I order a new OASI certificate?

Employees who have changed their name (e.g. due to marriage or divorce) or have lost their OASI certificate can order a new certificate via their employer who requests it from his or her compensation office.

Correction of errors

Errors (such as incorrect spelling of the name, wrong date of birth or gender) can only be corrected by staff of the competent federal data register. Request correction of your personal details by using the form below and send it to the Residents' Registration Office for your place of residence:

Application for correction of personal details in an official federal data register (form in German).

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